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Every year, police are given eye watering budgets to pursue normal people, justifying it under the guise of ‘road safety’. Traffic offences are the most common offences prosecuted in Local Courts in Australia. For many, traffic offences are where people first encounter the criminal justice system.

A car driving in rain at night. Traffic offences.

Minor Traffic Offences

Many minor traffic offences occupy a grey area between the civil and criminal spheres, as almost all traffic offences do not carry a term of imprisonment. Examples of minor offences include:

  • using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • exceeding the speed limit
  • breaching a licence condition
  • unlawful U-turn

However, the financial implications and licence sanctions that follow from minor traffic offences often lead to criminal traffic offences, such as driving while disqualified. As a result, it is important to obtain legal advice with respect to the impact a minor penalty may have on your driving privileges, whether there is enough proof to secure a conviction against you and whether any defences apply.

Major Traffic Offences

In relation to major traffic offences, which include:

  • drink/drug driving
  • dangerous/negligent driving
  • unlicenced driving

Such major traffic offences are heard summarily in the Local Court. Each major offence has a period of full time custody available as a sentencing option. If you are charged with a major traffic offence, it is strongly recommended you obtain legal advice. Legalbit has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complex pre-court preparation work necessary to achieve a good outcome.

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