I can't begin to thank Mani enough for the out come he got for me today in court, from the word go he has made me feel like my case was a priority, even while on his holiday he still found time to worry about my case! He is such an amazing lawyer who got me an amazing out come and will be highly recommended. Thanks again Mani! Alisha 🙂
Alisha Wallis
Mani is a five stars professional, full of knowledge and always ready to explain, advise, support and make your matter easier as possible. I could not have done it without him and I could not recommend him enough. Thank you very much Mani for your excellent work!
Analia Pavan
Mani has a really friendly and welcoming approach. He is very informative and never acted on his own without my knowledge or permissions. He gave extremely great legal advice, made sure there wasn't anything left unexplained and that I understood completely. Mani is extremely trustworthy to me and I shall continue seeking my legal advice from him.
Jared Lean
Mani Shishineh is definitely five star legal representation. He went above and beyond expectations to attend to our concerns before and after the case was concluded. He was extremely professional and equally compassionate. He was more than prepared, covered all basis and achieved the outcome we were hoping for. Mani is an absolute legend, he knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him.
Matt Briggs
My husband and I were extremely happy with Mani when we sort legal advice from him. He worked tirelessly on our case and we were ecstatic with the outcome. We couldn't have been happier!
Bek Prokop
“Mani worked tirelessly on my criminal matters. Not only was he able to prepare expert reports and other evidence in support of my case but he successfully had all charges against me dismissed in the Local Court. I would highly recommend Mani because he cares about his clients and delves deep into the evidence to make a strong defence.”
“We were involved in very serious civil litigation in the District Court. Mani and his team were able to advise and prepare our case to a successful completion. We are very grateful for the hard work and dedication that Legalbit has shown us.”
“Dear sirs, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Mani Shishineh, for his considerable efforts in establishing the setting for a firm and comprehensive base on which for me to plead my case in Court. I was particularly impressed by Mr. Shishineh’s professional and caring manner, also, his level of knowledge and expertise enabling him to quickly grasp and construe a factual scene of events. I was very appreciative in the way Mr. Shishineh guide and advised me through the legal jargon. As well as being a good listener Mr. Shishineh displays empathy for his clients and explains salient points in a diplomatic and inoffensive manner. I felt comfortable and free to express myself at all times during our conferences. I would not hesitate, as a matter of preference, engaging Mr. Shishineh’s services in the future should the need arise.”
“Mani was able to successfully appeal my conviction in the local Court and obtain a section 10(1)(b) in the District Court on the basis of severity. I am forever grateful as now I can continue to work without a criminal conviction. Mani was diligent, thorough, understanding and caring in handling my matter. I highly recommend Mani as a defence lawyer.”