Legalbit prides itself in its lawyer’s expert advocacy skills. We will leave no stone unturned to represent you in the most effective manner in Court.

Criminal matters

Legalbit lawyers are available at all local courts in NSW for criminal law matters, Centrelink charges and driving and traffic offences where there is a real risk of imprisonment. We can even help you if you have pleaded not guilty and your matter is listed for hearing that day. If possible it is best to get legal advice before you go to court.

Family law and child support matters
Legalbit lawyers are available at all NSW local courts for family law and child support.

Care and protection matters
Legalbit lawyers are always available for care and protection matters. Even if they are not present at the court

Family Law Courts

Legalbit lawyers at the Family Law Courts in Parramatta, Sydney and Newcastle provide advice and assistance with procedure for family law matters including children’s matters (live with, spend time with and specific issues), child support and property.

Other Courts and Tribunals

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (General Division)

Our lawyers can advise clients with Centrelink matters, and any other matters where AAT has appropriate jurisdiction.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
Legalbit lawyers are available at the Sydney registry of NCAT to give advice on discrimination matters.

District Court
If you have appealed against a conviction or sentence imposed in the local court and you wish to be represented by a lawyer you should contact us immediately. We are proud of our excellent results on appeal.

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