I have been charged with Fraud, what are the consequences?

Fraud is a serious criminal offence as found in the Crimes Act 1900 and the Crimes Amendment (Fraud, Identity and Forgery Offences) Act 2009. It occurs when a person acquired someone else’s property, obtains financial advantage or cause any kind of financial disadvantage by deceit.

The maximum penalty for a general fraud offence is 10 years imprisonment.

Are Commonwealth Centrelink Fraud charges serious?

Centrelink fraud is a common offence prosecuted by the courts. It can be intentional, accidental or motivated by genuine financial hardships. You can be charged with Centrelink fraud for:

  • failing to declare earnings from employment
  • submitting false documents
  • exaggerating a medical condition
  • over-claiming benefits.

You can find more detail about fraud offences on judcom.nsw.gov.au or contact Legalbit Central Coast for a free first consultation.

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