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What is litigation?

Legalbit Litigation Division define litigation to be a term used to describe legal proceedings commenced in Court by one party against another. Litigation can take on many forms and starts with the plaintiff commencing the proceedings identifying the cause of action which entitles the plaintiff to a legal remedy, by reason of the facts and circumstances alleged.

In NSW litigation is commenced in various Courts depending on the nature and value of the claim in question. In some instances, the quantum of the dispute will determine the venue, for instance, claims under $100,000 are generally conducted in the Local Court of NSW. In other disputes the legislation will dictate the venue regardless of the quantum involved, for instance, cases involving real property, wills and estates, and the law of equity are, for the most part, conducted only in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Legalbit Litigation lawyers regularly appear in and conduct complex commercial and civil litigation on behalf of our wide range of clients. Our flexible office locations mean that we service both corporate and mum and dad litigants appearing on behalf of both plaintiff and defendants.

Our lawyers appear in the most superior Courts of NSW including the Supreme Court of NSW, and Court of Appeal and conduct litigation in which the subject matter falls within contractual and business disputes, equity and the common law, real estate, property law and wills & estates litigation.

Our team are large and experienced enough to conduct litigation against large corporate and government entities having appeared and represented our clients in actions against some of the country’s largest banks and ASX listed companies, as well as government institutions such as ASIC.

For each client we determine the best path to successfully prosecute or defend their case, and work with the client to achieve their objectives, keeping in mind the commercial realities of running legal proceedings in the superior courts.

If you are an aggrieved party seeking a litigation lawyer in New South Wales, or if you have been threatened with or have had litigation proceedings commenced against you, then we can help. While the superior courts are located in the Sydney CBD we also have offices at suburban locations throughout the New South Wales region including our head office in Erina on the Central Coast.

Commercial and civil litigation is serious and complicated business. If you engage our lawyers, you will be represented by our most senior and experienced lawyers to ensure you receive the best possible advice and results.

We offer a no obligation free first consultation so that we can assess your case and determine whether we are able to assist.

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