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We can represent you in all Courts in NSW. Our extensive experience in the Local, District and the Federal Courts means we promise to fight for the protection and advancement of your rights. We are always prepared and ready to represent you in the most strongest of terms.

The lawyer will advise and advise on the case of trade registrat

Criminal Law

Criminal offences can be broken up into three categories: Summary Offences, Indictable offences and Strictly Indictable Offences.


Traffic Law

Every year, police are given eye watering budgets to pursue normal people, justifying it under the guise of ‘road safety’.

A car driving in rain at night. Traffic offences.
Family law

Family Law

Family law is exclusively dealt with by the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, in every State except for Western Australia.


Disputed Estates

To challenge a will means to challenge the validity of the will itself.

Legal consultant and real estate attorney lawyer read the building lease contract signing agreement for local business.
Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

At Legalbit, we specialise in civil litigation with respect to tortious conduct (both against private citizens and public authorities) and medical negligence claims.


Administrative Law

Administrative law is an area of law dealing with challenging decisions made by government authorities.

Administrative Law
Employment law cover

Employment Law

At Legalbit we understand that your contract of employment and your rights as an employee are two of the most important aspects of your financial security.

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