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What is Employment Law?

At Legalbit we understand that your contract of employment and your rights as an employee are two of the most important aspects of your financial security. If a dispute arises with your employer, it can be difficult, stressful and even intimidating. If the situation escalates and cannot be resolved, you may need legal advice to ensure your rights as an employee are protected.

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Expertise in Employment Law

At Legalbit, our Workplace Relations and Employment Law team is experienced in all aspects of employment law. Whether dealing with discrimination in the workplace or wrongful termination, we will handle your claim with discretion, diplomacy and determination to ensure your rights and your reputation are protected.

We offer specialty services in the following areas of workplace law:

  • Unfair dismissal and wrongful termination
  • Adverse actions and unpaid wage claims
  • Discrimination and harassment claims
  • General employment advice
  • Redundancy entitlements
  • Contract disputes
  • Accidents that occur in the workplace

At Legalbit we specialise in complex employment law matters

Employment law can be complex and confusing, but Legalbit’s Employment Law team are here to help. Through our tailored initial consultation service, our employment lawyers will inform you of all your legal rights and empower you to take the course of action that best suits you.

How to bring a claim

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What aspects of employment law can Legalbit Lawyers help me with?

Employment law covers a broad area of the law. As such, it’s common that law firms specialise in specific areas and pool their knowledge to achieve positive outcomes. Legalbit has a team of dedicated employment law experts who are positioned to handle a variety of work-related matters, including unfair dismissal, unpaid wages, and discrimination claims. Legalbit lawyers are also expert workers compensation lawyers, which means if you have suffered an injury in the workplace, we can advise you on your rights and bring forward a claim for compensation on your behalf.

How do I bring a claim?

If you decide to bring your employment-related dispute with Legalbit Lawyers, one of our expert workplace relations legal staff will conduct an initial verbal consultation to assess your case. We will produce a short memorandum of advice, informing you of all your available legal options and a recommended course of action.

If you decide to pursue your matter, the appropriate claim will be commenced on your behalf. One of Legalbit Lawyers’ employment law specialists will represent you to negotiate a solution that is desirable to all parties involved. If no resolution can be reached, the matter may be referred to the courts. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your rights as an employee are protected, and you receive an outcome that is right for you.

What can I claim compensation for?

This is difficult to answer without knowing the particular facts of your situation. There are many scenarios under employment law where compensation can be pursued.

When it comes to workers’ compensation law, if you have suffered an injury at work, or if you have a disease or condition made worse by work, you could be entitled to compensation benefits by making a workers’ compensation claim. Depending on your situation, you may be able to claim for:

  • Medical and hospital costs
  • Loss of wages
  • Travel costs
  • Permanent impairment compensation
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Return to work services

How much compensation will I be entitled to?

It is difficult to predict how much compensation you will be entitled to without knowing the facts of your particular situation, and the area of employment law your case falls under.

For unfair dismissal claims, the amount of compensation you will be entitled to depends on a range of factors, including:

  • How long you have worked for your employer;
  • The pay you would have received had you not been dismissed; and
  • Any misconduct on your behalf.

When it comes to workers’ compensation cases, the amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on many things such as:

  • State or territory where the accident occurred;
  • Date of your injury;
  • Extent of your injury;
  • Type of injury; and
  • The degree of liability

Once a Legalbit lawyer knows more about your situation and the facts of your case, they will be able to give you a really good idea of how much to expect in compensation.


What time limits apply to my claim?

Strict time limits apply for bringing work-related claims. These vary depending on your circumstances and the type of claim you are bringing and where you are located, so it is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

If you are bringing an action for unfair dismissal, a strict 21-day time limit applies, and applications made outside this window will not be accepted. It is important that you seek legal advice immediately if you have been terminated or are concerned you may be. Our lawyers work efficiently and effectively to deliver you practical solutions on time.

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