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Welcome to Legalbit, a distinguished boutique law firm with a proven track record in excellence. 

Headed by Principal Solicitor Mani Shishineh, our dedicated team of experienced lawyers and support staff are committed to safeguarding your rights and interests.

Our firm specializes in a range of legal areas, including Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Wills and Estates, and Administrative Law. With Mani's expertise in these domains, you can have confidence that your inquiries and matters will receive prompt and efficient attention.

What sets Legalbit apart is our unwavering mission. We are dedicated to combating injustice and inequality, particularly when powerful forces with limitless financial resources unjustly target innocent individuals or make decisions contrary to the people's best interests.

By choosing Legalbit, you can trust that we will relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome for your unique case. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to defend your rights.

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What do we stand for?

At Legalbit we believe that the law is a calling, one that mandates us to go beyond the call of duty in serving our clients. 

Whether it’s on a sensitive transaction or in a complex courtroom matter, we’re the bannermen you want. You can count on the undivided attention of a team that prizes relationships over profits, and is dedicated to your cause, fighting hard yet fair.

We believe in fair play, and strive for truth and justice with neither fear, nor favour.

We have a duty to practice the law, protect and uphold our client’s interests and in turn help build the community of tomorrow, addressing injustice and speaking up for the defenceless.

Legalbit is a new type of law firm for the rapidly changing world. We practice in a variety of areas of law and therefore are experienced to advise on any legal challenges or complexities that may arise.

Our lawyers have an insatiable thirst for success and know nothing but perfection when it comes to representing our clients.

What makes us different?

At Legalbit, we do everything different. That is why we are successful.

We do not follow old modules. We question every aspect of law and the circumstances of your matter before advising on the best course forward. We have a modern and progressive approach to law, our practice and how our firm is run. We believe that law firms must conform and change as we change and for this reason, we constantly challenge the core and limits of our practices.

Retaining a Legalbit lawyer means you have hired all of our lawyers because we have morning meetings at which we discuss all of our cases and together come up with the best strategy to resolve your case.  Our principal lawyer Mani Shishineh ensures all the lawyers at Legalbit follow the highest standards of quality and service.

Don’t expect us to provide one-size-fits-all solutions. We approach every client with a clean slate, investing time in understanding their individual circumstances and needs before advising on customised solutions.

We measure our success through our clients; how well we are regarded by them and the depth of the service offering that we provide.

Our focus is on being approachable, responsive and offering high levels of specialist expertise. Through a deep understanding of our clients’ issues, needs and desired outcomes, Legalbit delivers pragmatic, practical results at a cost that is tailored to your budget.

24/7 flexible lawyers to meet your needs

As the world rapidly changes and technology evolves it is our responsibility to ensure we utilise all that is available to us to meet your needs if and when they arise.


This is why Legalbit is the first truly 24/7 flexible modern law firm. We use a variety of tools to ensure we can communicate with you anytime, anywhere, such as FaceTime, Zoom and TEAMS are deployed for remote communication. This means that you can contact your Legalbit lawyer any time and provide us with your instructions as and when it is convenient to you.

You no longer need to make an appointment to see a lawyer at an office, however, if you do, this can also be arranged.

We have prepared these channels of communication with our clients because we know that not all legal matters occur between office hours. When you call after hours, you get a lawyer and not a call centre. In addition, our lawyers are also available to attend police stations, or court appearances at short notice 24/7.

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Professional & efficient service

Individual & personal attention

Cost effective legal solutions

Complete confidentiality

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