As the world rapidly changes and technology evolves it is our responsibility to ensure we utilise all that is available to us to meet your needs if and when they arise.

This is why Legalbit is the first truly 24/7 flexible modern law firm. We use a variety of tools to ensure we can communicate with you any time, anywhere, such as FaceTime, GoToWebinar and Skype. This means that you can contact your Legalbit lawyer any time and provide us with your instructions as and when it is convenient to you.

You no longer need to make an appointment to see a lawyer at an office, however, if you do, this can also be arranged.

We have prepared these channels of communication with our clients because we know that not all legal matters occur between office hours. When you call after hours, you get a lawyer and not a call centre. In addition, our lawyers are also available to attend police stations, or court appearances at short notice 24/7.